Ede in the Netherlands


The conference is to be located at venue the Reehorst.

How to get there: Most international visitors arrive at Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam). Follow the signs from the Schiphol Arrival Hall to the Railway Station: 'to the trains'. At the train station you can purchase a ticket to Ede-Wageningen from one of the yellow vending machines or at the NS Service Desk.

Trains depart from Schiphol Airport to Ede-Wageningen via Utrecht almost every 15 minutes. Take a direct train to Ede-Wageningen or take an intercity train from Schiphol to Utrecht. Once in Utrecht, switch to a train in the direction of Arnhem or Nijmegen. Your final stop is Ede-Wageningen. Travel time from Schiphol to Ede-Wageningen is approximately 60 to 75 minutes.

The Reehorst is located at walking distance from train station Ede-Wageningen.

About the area: Ede is situated at the edge of the Veluwe. This beautiful forest area offers a large variety of nature and culture, with many opportunities for bike rides and hikes.  

Nearby city Wageningen, accessible by bus which comes quite frequent, hosts a variety of caf├ęs and restaurants.

The city of Utrecht is located at 24 min travel distance, with trains that run every 15 min. Utrecht offers numerous hotels, restaurants and cultural activities.

General information

Currency: euro

Public transportation: All forms of public transportation in the Netherlands is paid by a public transport debit card called OV-chipkaart. Depending on how much you plan to travel, a disposable OV-chipkaart may be more suitable. Information on the OV-chipkaart can be found here. As Holland is particularly suitable for bicycles, you could also consider renting a bike.

Climate: July is in Dutch summer, with typical maximum temperatures around 23 degrees (C) and occasional rain showers. Check the local weather report shortly before arriving for a detailed forecast. 


As the venue is located next to the train and bus station, it is possible to go to restaurants at a number of locations in e.g. Ede, Wageningen and Utrecht.

Ede: There is a restaurant at the Reehorst itself. Restaurant Valentino is the choice when you don't wish to move too far from the venue. Restaurants Pizza en Pizza, Pomphuis and Het oude politiebureau are all located within 2 km of the Reehorst.

Wageningen: A wide variety of restaurants can be found in the old city center of Wageningen. Simply take bus 84, 86 or 88 to Wageningen Busstation (~25 min) and walk from there.

Utrecht: The city center of Utrecht is lively with many restaurants to choose from. Take the train to Utrecht Centraal (24 min) where you will find yourself in the center of the city.